From the Canadian & US FLM distributor comes the crowdfunding of the Berlin 38.4 carbon fiber tripod for with 10 year warranty.

From the campaign starter with the great (unofficial) motto “Buy well, buy once” and then “Are you ready for stills? Landscapes? Architecture? Ready for video & cinema? Pano? Macro? Ready for large format or ultra-large format? FLM’s new tripod is ready for you” Sounds interesting?

Lets have a look at the tripod from FLM. The Berlin tripods all share these specs and features:

  • 10-layer carbon fibre tubes
  • one-piece milled aluminum apex
  • removable center plate or bowl adapter
  • allow use of both 75mm and 100mm bowl systems
  • an extremely high weight-to-load-capacity ratio
  • one-piece leg shims

The first tripod in this series is the Berlin 38.4, or simply, the 38.4: “38” refers to the largest carbon tube diameter (38mm), and “4” is the number of sections per leg. It promises to be the steadiest, most rock-solid tripod in its class according to FLM.

The Berlin 38.4 can can fit a flat plate on top of the tripod, it supports the ball head, and has an integrated hook. FLM is also finalizing details on levelling bowls for both 75mm and 100m adapters.

The FLM Berlin 38.4 looks promissing to me. If you think so to, go back their funding here:

FLM got a 200% on their last project, FLM CP26-Travel Carbon Fiber Tripod, which is now in the stores. A 15.3″ travel tripod with a maximum height of 55″ and able to carry 26.4 lbs.