In a world with a lot of blogs, website and youtube channels about gear, this question seems right to ask. – because we want to help!

The guys and I are all one-man-bands. We do this primarily as a side business and because we can’t not do it. You will find us at IBC and NAB. You will also find us at local trade shows, checking out gear, findeing relevant gear to review. In the coming months you will also find short interviews with other freelancers, about their challenges and how they have fixed them. We see this page as our contribution to the one-man-bands and small production companies out there. We wan’t help make things easier.

Facebook groups

Several years ago I (Claus) founded a few facebook groups, primarely for Sony gear, but also other stuff. Today I run or co-run about 25 i all. The Sony groups are the largest out there on Facebook. +30.000 member in the three of them alone, in total it’s past 70.000 members. Visit them here: the a7x groupthe FS5 group and the FS7 group. The latest addition is the ProRes RAW group. And if you are in Denmark or even Scandinavia, come and join Brix Video Nørderier, a Facebook group I co-run with Nicolai Brix.

I also run these groups run:

Ninja V International User Group Sony a7RIII User GroupSony Compact User GroupSony a7S Cinematography groupMac Pro Upgrade User GroupSony FS100 User Group, Gudsen Moza Gimbal User GroupBrushless Gimbal User GroupBlackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera GroupDavinci Resolve User GroupSmallrig User Group (Moderator)Fujifilm GX680 Proffesional User GroupHasselblad Flextight User Goup

I found that Facebook groups are great places to give products a voice and give and get advice! Sounds funny, but I really wanna hear from other users, real people. Hear about their thoughts on the product.

Now I wanted to extend the reach out from the groups to the web in general. Those thoughts became

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Artlist film and sound effects licensing
Artlist film and sound effects licensing

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Artlist film and sound effects licensing

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