Chrosziel lens motorization for Fujinon MK zooms

by | Apr 28, 2018 | Chrosziel, Fujifilm

Chrosziel has come out with a lens motorization MK-zoom for the Fujinon MK 18-55 and 50-135mm t2.9 zoom lenses, and it’s is pretty cool.

Main features of the Chrosziel CDM-MK-Z Zoom Motor:

  • It controls the zoom with 3 different zoom speeds.
  • Controlled from the Sony handgrip (FS5 and FS7) – no need for additional accessories – other LANC equipment is supported as well.
  • Powered via a DTAP cable (supplied).
  • USB port for firmware updates.

It feels really solid, and there are no visible moving parts.

I have used the motor on a couple of jobs and I also took it to Sölden in Austria, to test it out in the cold. It performed well and without problems every time. The three speeds are very usable and the unit is so easy to set up.

Like said it has three different zoom speeds controlles and set on the handle og the FS5/FS7.  Documentary zoom which is about 60% of max speed, silkent zoom which is approx. 45% and hard cut zoom which is max speed. The zoom speed is set via the handle and in all three speed settings the zoom is still variable, from snail speed to max for the selected setting.

Setup of the zoom motor

The Chrosziel lens motorization MK-zoom is very easy to set up. It takes about one minute, even the first time. You can’t really do anything wrong. The motor screws on the lens with two unbraco screws (allen key supplied) and is pretty compact and discreet. Well, except for the large Chrosziel logo.

It has a Lemo port (for power) and two mini jack ports with LANC support. It also has a usb port for future firmware updates.

Power cable

A concern regarding the cable was that in handheld mode the Lemo cable for power goes straight down and if you set the camera down, it puts strain on the cable. How ever, after confronting Chrosziel abou that issue, they have come up with a solution. The MN-AB-A180 is the D-Tap cable with Lemo angled connector which can be bought seperately.

What’s in the box:

  • Servo Device Unit
  • D-Tap power cable
  • 2.5 mm Jack-Jack cable
  • 2.5 mm Jack Extension Cable
  • Captive mounting screws (2 pcs)
  • 2.5 mm Allen Key
  • Mini-USB-Adapter (MiniUSB>USB)

In the video above I talk a little more about it, and there some usage/speed examples. So If you haven watched it yet, pleease do 🙂 and please subscribe to my Youtube channel also. Thanks!

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