Zitay CFexpress Type A SSD Adapter for FX6 and A7SIII

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Memory Cards, Sony A7SIII, Sony FX6

Zitay CFexpress to SSD adapter

It’s basicly a CFexpress to SSD adapter, alowing you to add up to 4TB of memory for looooong shoots. There is one downside though, you have to leave the memory door open. Zitay recommend Samsungs 970 series ssd’s.

It’s made of aluminium alloy, its 107mm long, 27mm wide and 11mm thick. There is a 20cm cable attached, but Zitay says to contact them if a longer cable is required.ย It’s equipped with a 1/” D-ring screw for fitting to a cage on the camera.

They claimย  800mb/s transmission speed and 700mb/s write speed. There is a status light on the unit which flashes when the unit is reading or writing. Zitay claims it works with any NVME disk regardless of size.

It sells on Zitays homepage for USD 179,- check it out here. And the Lexar NM610 I’m using is hereย ๐Ÿ›’ย  amazon.

I have written them and asked if they would let me test a unit. Can’t wait to try it!


I received the SSD adapter from Zitay. It works and aaaaalmost like promissed, except it will not do 4K/120p, but everything else.

One thing to note is that the media door will have to stay open while you are using the adapter. I prob. would’nt do it outside or in run-n-gun, but in a controlled invironment I would do it.

Below are a few pictures of the adapter in use.

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