Using a LUT on your FX6 monitor

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Use a LUT on your Sony FX6 monitor
Use a LUT on your Sony FX6 monitor

Monitoring your recording with a LUT

I like to monitor my recordings with a LUT when shooting Cine EI. That is possible on the FX6 with up to 16 different LUTs imported from your SD card. How do you do that. Follow the guide below and be up and running in minutes…

Howto use a LUT on your FX6 monitor/viewfinder:

  1. Put a card in slot B on your FX6 and format it using the menu. User > Format Media > Media (B)
    It needs to be slot B. Don’t know why Sony made it so, but they did. The formating creates a folder structure which includes a LUT folder.
  2. Put the formated card in a memory reader and browse to the LUT folder: PRIVATE > SONY > PRO > LUT
  3. Put your selected LUTs in the folder. They need to be in .cube format.
  4. Put the card back in slot B in your FX6.
  5. Now go into User > Paint/Look > Base Look > Import > now either change an existing LUT or god down to the first available slot (No LUT).
  6. Select the desired LUT and select OK.
  7. Now you can select the new LUT on quick menu page 1/10 or 5/10. On page 5/10 make shure MLUT is turned on under “stream” and NOT under SDI/HDMI, unless of course you want to bake the lut in…
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