How to use Focus Magnifier Sony a7 and a6000 series cameras

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Focus Magnifier Sony a7 and a6000 cameras

A really valuable tip I learned a while back is Focus Magnifying. It enables you to magnify the screen 4 times, to get in really close to check focus. On my a7S the focus magnifying is placed on function button C1, which is in front right of the shutter button. Ergonomically it’s not right for me.

  1. I have changed it to be on the AF/MF-AEL button. Great for the right hand thumb. Focus magnifying works in both photo and video mode!
  2. I click the AF/MF-AEL button once, and the orange square comes up.
  3. I can move it around by clicking the main control wheel. Here it’s just left in the center.
  4. By clicking the AF/MF-AEL button once more, the screen is magnified 4 times. Now it’s easy to check focus.

How to set up your camera for easy focus magnifying?

  1. Go into menu.
  2. Select tab 2 and menu page 6 “Custom Key Settings”
  3. Go to page 2 and select “AF/MF Button”
  4. Scroll down and select “Focus Magnifier”
  5. The setup might be different on the A7 series and the A6000.
  6. The above is for the a7S.

Happy shooting 🙂

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