Alister Chapmans Chess LUT – Here’s a new LUT for you, inspired by a the look of the Netfix show “the Queen’s Gambit. I’ve called the LUT “Chess”. It’s designed for use with S-Log3 and SGamut3.cine and I think it works really well with most Sony S-Log3 capable cameras including the FX6, FX9, FS7, FS5, F5 and F55 etc. As well as Sony’s video cameras it will also work with the A7SIII and other Sony Alpha cameras. Remember to buy Alister a beer or more on his website if you find these usefull.


Phantom LUTs – Another LUT-master I admire is Joel Famularo. He makes the Phantom LUTs. He has a bunch of LUTs for the Sonys FS, A7S’ and for the FX9… and I know he’s wiorking on the FX6 LUTs.

New Venice Look LUTs v3 for Sony FX9, FX6, FS5, FS7, F55, A7S, A7R. Included in the LUT sets are LUTs for grading (with exposure offsets), LUT’s for Small HD monitors and the Zacuto Gratical. The grading LUT’s can also be used in other monitors and devices such as the Atomos recorder/monitors. Remember to buy Alister a beer or more on his website if you find these usefull.


Sony appears to be working on a LUT library… find it here.

Alister Chapan Hypergamma LUT – The Sony FX6 does not have the same Hypergammas or Cinegammas as found in many other Sony camcorders. However you can load a LUT as a base look in the cameras Custom Mode. See this post for details about this.

So I have prepared a set of LUTs that mimic the Sony Hypergammas with rec709 colour. These LUTs are for S-Log3/SGamut3.cine as used as the base input in the FX6. HG1 and HG2 are broadcast safe so these give you a broadcast ready option for the FX6. In addition to the Hypergamma LUT’s there is an additional ACBCST LUT. This is a broadcast safe version of the Sony s709 LUT with added contrast and saturation, suitable for broadcast and other direct to air applications.

As well as the FX6 these LUT’s will also work with any Sony camera that accepts LUTs and has S-Log3 and SGamut3.cine. They can also be used in post production. Remember to buy Alister a beer or more on his website if you find these usefull.

Alister Chapmans Blockbuster LUT was created to mimic the look of many recent summer blockbuster movies. Find it here.

There are 4 different LUTs in this set. A basic 709 LUT which is really good for checking exposure etc. It won’t give the best image, but it’s really good for getting your exposure just right. Diffuse white should be 85%, middle grey 43% and skin tones 65-70%.

Then there are 3 film emulation LUT’s that mimic 3 different types of film stock form different manufacturers. These are primarily designed for post production or for use on a client monitor on set. My recommendation is to use the 709 LUT for your viewfinder and exposure and then add the film emulation LUT later in post. Remember to buy Alister a beer or more on his website if you find these usefull.

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