The DJI Ronin-S and Sony FS5 review

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Gimbal, Review, SonyFS5

Wanna know if the Ronin-S work with the FS5…? Keep reading!

Last week we went to Copenhagen to shoot our review of the Ronin-S with the Sony FS5. It’s not the typical Ronin-S review, since there are so many out there. It’s a review based on the combination Ronin-S and FS5.

My initial thought’s are wup wup, this is awesome, and great, it actually works with a larger camera like the Sony FS5!

I spend some time testing and trying different scenarios. I wanted to get it to work underslung mode, for tracking shots with feet, bikes etc.

The only way this was possible was with a big battery (I used the SWIT S-8U93) anf the Sony 10-18mm. If you use a heavier lens or a smaller battery, you will have to move the FS5 back, and the EVF will hit the rear motor. I would have liked to try som weights on the back of the FS5, but did’nt have any available.

So I’m getting the Ronin-S for my FS5 and a7SII cameras. Here are some the good and the bad stuff… See the video at the bottom!

The good

  • Great build quality and ergonomics
  • 12 hour battery
  • 8-pound / 3.6 Kgs payload capacity
  • Built-in electronic follow focus (not for all cameras)
  • Mobile app offers extensive control
  • Awesome price


What we used when shooting with the DJI Ronin S:


The bad

  • No stop function in the quick release plate
  • Extra batteries = extra handles
  • No dual handle right now (it’s coming)
  • Connected features not supported by all cameras
  • A bit heavy


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Artlist film and sound effects licensing

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