Sony Venice CineAlta 6K fullframe 36×24 cinema camera live at IBC

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Just before IBC 2017 Sony launched their new top of the line digital 36×24 CineAlta motion picture camera called the Sony Venice. Sony-Venice-Filmplusgear-com-11_PL_Lens

Sony Venice – next generation motion picture camera system

Sony claim it’s “the next generation motion picture camera system”. That’s a bold claim. Let me go through a couple of the specs of this camera. Daniel Listh shows us a couple here and the article below will go through furter specs. At the end you will find some demo videoes shot with the Sony Venice.

Venice has a 36x24mm full-frame sensor and is really designed for high end cinematography with 6048×4032 pixels (firmware update required). It will shoot in almost any format. By swithing imager modes the Venice supports the following resolutions:


PL and E-mount lens mount(s)…

The Sony Venice comes with the industry standar PL mount and is compatible with all Super35 and full-frame PL lenses, spherical and anamorphic. If you shoot with the Cooke/i Technology, lens information is recorded as metadata frame by frame. If you want to use Sony E-mount lenses the Sony Venice has a lever lock type mount (firmware update required).

World’s first 8-step Mechanical ND Filters

Sony has developed a new servo-controlled 8-step Mechanical ND filter mechanism built into the camera chassis. It offers ND of 0.3 (1/2 = 1 stop) to ND2.4 (1/256 = 8 stops)

Recording formats

The Venice records internal XAVC, ProRes or MPEG HD recording onto SxS memory card. If you have the AXS-R7 recorder, you can record 16 bit RAW or X-OCN (16-bit eXtended tonal range Original Camera Negative) onto AXS memory card. By using two recording media you can do simultaneous recording which can substatially speed up the workflow, since you don’t have to wait for file conversions.

Below you can watch The Dig, the first film shot on the Sony Venice:

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Artlist film and sound effects licensing
Artlist film and sound effects licensing

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Artlist film and sound effects licensing

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