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Filmplusgear-FS5-luts-tips-tricksI you are shooting in LOG, you have to grade in post. If you are using an external monitor when shooting, you might wan’t to preview the footage with a monitor LUT, to get an idea how you material will look in post.

We have gathered some of the free LUT’s from around the web.

Alister Chapman – Venice LUT

Alister has made a very cool collection of LUT’s if you wish to mimic the Sony Venice LUT. The package includes a lot different LUT’s. Alister says “There are versions designed specifically for grading in Resolve or other grading suites. The bulk of the LUT’s are designed to be used with S-Log3 and SGamut3.cine. There are monitoring versions with offsets for use in monitors such as the Atomos range. I have created a set with offsets for both the Zacuto and Small HD viewfinders and monitors and finally I have also created sets of LUT’s for use with S-Log2 so users of the original A7s or those that wish to shoot with S-Log2 on an 8 bit camera are not left out.” GET THEM HERE AND PLEASE DONT FORGET TO SUPPORT ALISTER WITH A DONATION! 

James Miller – DELUTS

Look luts – James has a lot of LUT for diffent cameras. Visit James Millers DELUTS here!

VisionColor LUTS – including the popular M31 LUT

Look luts – VisionColor says: “Next Level Color Grading. Industry-leading film emulation with 3D LUT technology for better, faster and easier color correction.” This includes the much used M31 LUT which gives the popular teal & orange look. Visit VisionColor here.


Under construction… More will be added VERY soon!

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