It’s not a question if I like Smallrig. I DO! Have had a lot of Smallrig stuff over the years, and currently I use cages and a lot of other stuff for my a7SII and a7RII cameras. I like them for their great prices and good customer service.

Custom Designed Gear

Let’s say you want a specific custom designed part for your Sony FS5 or FS7 rig. You have a great idea, but don’t know how to get it done.

Smallrig has the answer to that. Design your gear, make a 3D file (SolidWorks is prefered) and submit it to Smallrig. Read more in the link below…

smallrig-dreamrig-banner-filmplusgear-comSadly I don’t do 3D work, but for anybody who does, it’s a great possibility to get you own ideas designed and produced.

Smallrig is a great company with goood customer service and the really listen to their customers. So much that they have set up a seperate Facebook Group for current and potential customers. I have over time collaborated with Smallrig with a few ideas and input, and like to think my input has made a difference.

If you wanna know more, please visit the Smallrig Dreamrig website: