Shooting ProRes RAW with Sony FX6 and Atomos Shogun 7

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Atomos, ProResRAW, Sony FX6

Atomos Shogun 7 for ProRes RAW with FX6

This post is a work in progress… images of the rigged Shogun 7, testfiles and more will com!

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Shooting ProRes RAW with Atomos Shogun 7

►Downloadable sample files further down on this page…

With the Atomos Shogun 7 AtomOS 10.43 update you can record ProRes RAW at up to DCI 4Kp60. The resulting images have amazing detail and a high degree of latitude to utilize in post-production – optimal for HDR finishing or to give greater flexibility in SDR (Rec.709).

Here is the official video from Atomos. Footage is shot with the FX9 by Alan Stockdale of Foundlight Productions and looks great. Alan has a few good points about the Shogun 7 as well.

Download a sample file and play with it yourself.  Get it here…

ProRes RAW sample files

Below you’ll find my totally non scientific ProRes RAW clips shot with the FX6. (more on the way)

➡️ If you want to play with the file yourself, you can download them from this blog post. If you play with them and upload it somewhere ➡️ please credit Claus Andersen @ Filmplusgear for the footage and let me know where I can see what you got out of it. Thanks! You can also visit my Sony FX6 section here.

Prores RAW Atomos Shogun 7 sample file from Filmplus

Shot on FX6, Tamron 70-180mm F2.8 and Atomos Shogun 7 on a Sirui RX tripod. ProRes RAW HQ 25fps, Cine EI, shutter 180.0 deg, ISO 800, WB 5600 K. – Approx. 2.3GB file. – Download here or click the picture to download.

Work in progress…

I will keep adding to this blogpost as I go along with the Sony FX6. So come back once in a while. If you have any tips you think I should include, please use the contact form below.  Thanks in advance.

Artlist film and sound effects licensing
Artlist film and sound effects licensing

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Artlist film and sound effects licensing

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