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When it comes to rigging the FS5 there are a lot of different companies. Smallrig, Zacuto, Vocas and many more. If you have unlimited money (I dont) you can just go grab stuff of the shelves. I don’t. Being a small independent company I have to watch mu spending, so I tend to surf the web a lot for the best options. Here are some of the things I have bought for my camera. My FS5 is rigged with the following…

Smallrig plate kit

SmallRig Plate Kit for Sony PXW-FS5 which gives me a whole bunch of extra mounting points in1/4″ -20 and 3/8″ -16. With those in place I can mount magic arms, wireless receivers, ecternal monitor and much more.

Smallrig VCT Shoulder Pad

For the baseplate I chose the SmallRig Sony VCT-14 Shoulder Plate which fits on a Sony VCT-14 tripod adapter plate, and allows for rapid mount or dismounting of the camera from the tripod. The tripod adapter plates have been around for ages and can be purchased pretty cheap.

When I received my FS5 I debated with myself for a long time weather to get the Zacuto Gratical Eye , the SmallHD 502 with the Sidefinder or just stick with the Sony LCD screen.

Zacuto Z-finder

I ended up with sticking with the Sony LCD and get the Zacuto FS5 Z-finder and the SmallHD Focus which also works with my Sony A7SII, and even powers it (more on this in a later post). The Z-finder is comming next week, and that’s gonna be awesome. It will let me use the Sony LCD screen and use all the magnification and other handgrip functions. Since I already have the Smallrig Plate Kit, I will prob use that instead of the Zacuto FS5 top plate.

Shape FS5RH Remote Extension

I also got the Shape extension arm for the FS5, it fits either in the camera with a supplied rosette kit or on the Smallrig Shoulder Pad. The Shape arm is great addition to the FS5 and it adjusts easy. The simplest way to adjust a handle! With a press of your thumb, you can adjust the angle of the handle; this will make your work easier. Great for run-n-gun and when setting the camera down.

The length of the arm is 14cm (5 5/8”) and the adjustment length is 5 cm (2”). The Sony handle is fixed on the extension arm with the same mechanism used to install the handle on the camera.

Hope you can use my input. Please come back to this page as it’s evolving and more Sony FS5 related stuff will be added ongoing.

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