New to the Sony FS5


If you are new to the FS5. Have just bought and received the camera, there are a few things you wanna do.

  1. Order some extra batteries.
  2. Get you FS5 rigged up. See this post!
  3. Watch some setup videos below! They are incredible insightfull and you can learn a lot.

There are a couple of guys in the business I could’nt live without. Doug Jensen from Vortex Media and Alister Chapman who runs XDCAM-USER. Doug has released a Master Class on Vimeo, a 5 hours 36 minutes training video which gives you the ins and out of the FS5. You can watch the first chapter here, totally free.

The second valuable resource is Alister Chapman (, who works for Sony from time to time. He has released a few valuable videos. Here are some of them… First one is 2,5 hours!

Webinar with Alister Chapman by Visual Impact, UK. Alister comes in at approx 3:40 min.

General stuff, but also includes the Sony FS5.


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