New Sony PXW-FS5 MKII announced at NAB 2018

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Camera, Sony Camera, SonyFS5

I was quite surpriced that Sony launched a new FS5. And I was’nt the only one. People online started talking about specs. The new color science of the MKII, price of the MK1, any price reductions for the RAW and HFR options for the MK1. Many questions…


I asked the members of my Sony FS5 group on Facebook if they had any questions for Sony. They did. So I went to the Sony booth at NAB today and started asking questions. Here we go…

Improved color science

The new and much talked about New color science. According to Sony the MKII will have better scin tones, better highlight handling and more cinematic.  The bottom line is that it’s just a picture profile. It does’nt do anything when you shoot SLOG or HDR. It’s basicly a OOTB profile.

For me the new profile is definately nothing which will make me think of getting the MK II. What do you think? You can see an example further down in this post.

RAW and HFR for the MK I

To bridge the wait for the FS5 MK II Sony will include the RAW and HFR licence for new FS5 MK I customers. I could’nt get an answer on reduced prices for existing owners. Sony is thinking about it. We will have to wait and see.

Physical differences

There are no physical differences, viewfinder, body or anything else in the MK II.

Output modes

One member wondered if the FS5 MK II would allow multiple outputs to BOTH SDI and Viewfinder, unlikje the MK I. Unfortunately the answer is NO.

RAW output to Atomos and ProRes RAW

Both the MK I and MK II will output to Atomos Shogun Inferno and the Atomos Sumo, which are on sale at the moment btw.

Black ND dial

The black ND dial does not come in other colors. If you want it say pink, you’ll have to paint it yourself.

Artlist film and sound effects licensing
Artlist film and sound effects licensing

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Artlist film and sound effects licensing

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