It’s called Muwi and it’s an ultra Compact Dolly for Smartphones & Cameras.

Right now the Muwi has reached 100% backing on kickstarter. I see why, this looks like a cool little gadget. A gadget for moviemakers, bloggers and others who want’s to have a little gadget in the pocket for smooth motion.

I could see this coupled with Sony’s RX0 camera or one of my a7R or S models. It could be used to do slides in hard-to-get places.

The Muwi does linear motion, rotational motion, you can add a remote to control the motion, a track for shooting in uneven surroundings and from the footage it looks like it can do pretty steep inclines.

It weighs 100g (0.22 lb), loads up to 5kg (11 lb), has a 1/4″-20 mount and a smart phone swivel clip and does a 100 minimum pan radius.

I am looing forward to hearing more abouth this when it’s released.

Check it out here: