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This post is a work in progress… Coming from the Sony FS5 I can sort of continue with several of the powering solutions I’m used to. It’s the same BP-U battery and some of the known companies have updated or made brand new solutions for the Sony FX6. Here are some of my personal favorites and some favorites of colleagues and fellow FX6’ers… Links in the descriptions are direct links to purchase the different products. Here we go!

My favorite

My favorite powering solution for the Sony FX6 is the Advanced kit from Tilta. By far! I use it with FXLion V-lock batteries. Get it here: 🛒 Amazon 🛒

Filmplus Sony FX6 with Tilta Advanced V-lock kit

For new Sony FX6 users…

1) The original Sony Charger BC-CU1 which comes with the FX6 DOES NOT charge 3rd party batteries!!!

2) There is talk about using older 3rd party BP-U batteries with newer Sony cameras. Apparently some cameras have died. Read more here on Alister Chapmans blog. — Please note: I have personally never had any problems with my SWIT batteries…

Regular BP-U batteries?

If you want to go lightweight, use regular BP-U batteries. I hardly ever use the supplied Sony BP-U30 battery, simply because it is too small. Not long-lasting enough. I got myself 2 x SWIT LB-SU98 batteries with one 70W, 6A D-Tap input/output, and one USB5V/2A output. The Swit batteries can be charged via D-Tap which is pretty cool.


Hawk-Woods solutions

On my FS5 I used the VLM-FS5 which I got from in the UK. Hawk-Woods also makes one for the FX6 and it’s called VLM-FX6. The VLM-FX6, like the FS5 brother, sits firmly in the regular battery slot and supplies the FX6 19.5 volts through the same power jack as the supplied Sony power adapter/charger you got with the camera. It comes with 2x Power-con (D-Tap) outputs are also provided, which are regulated to 12 volts. The total power available for the FS5 and further accessories are 6A overall.

🛒 or for the FS5 VLM-FS5

Hawk-Woods also makes a series of nano v-lock batteries. I have the 98wh VL-M98  you can take on an airplane, as well as a smaller one called VL-M50 and VL-M150. They all come with an extra D-Tap on the battery itself.

🛒  VL-M98 or VL-M50

Prefer rod-mounted battery adapters?

Hawk-Woods – If you prefer to use a bigger V-Lock you can get the rod mounted Hawk-Woods VLM-FX9 which was originally meant for the FX9, but can also be used with the FX6.Users have the benefit of 4x Power-con (D-Tap) outputs 11 – 17 volts allowing further equipment/accessories to be powered. 1x 5V 2A USB is also available for powering or charging accessories such as mobile phones. Power is provided via a 20cm DC jack cable via the FX6/FX9’s DC Input which is regulated to 19.5v.

A low voltage warning LED is also situated at the top of the fitting, this is to combat the camera as it will only ever see the 19.5v in the viewfinder. So no warning would be given when the battery is low. The LED will flash at 11.5v, giving you a decent warning to make a change. 🛒  VLM-FX9

Hawk-Woods VLM-FX9-15 v-lock for FX6

Tilta V-mount

Filmplusgear Tilta Advanced

I have recently switched to the Tilta Advanced kitt for my FX6 and oh boy, ti’s really sweet. I love it. So sturdy and nice with plenty connections.

🛒 Amazon 🛒

Check it out here:

Smallrig has a similar one – the V Mount Battery Adapter Plate with Dual 15mm Rod Clamp 3058 which is the one I use right now. 

Came-TV – Adjustable V-Mount Battery Plate For Sony FX6 allows you to attach V-Mount batteries to your Sony FX6. The plate includes DC 19.5V output. I really like the looks of it. It includes the power cable and also works as a u-shaped top plate which is cool and will minimize the strain on the mounting holes in the FX6 body. I have asked them for a unit. Would love to test it.
🛒  Amazon 

Battery Chargers for Hawk-Woods or SWIT

Some people like to go with the original chargers for their batteries and some don’t. Both Hawk-Woods and SWIT make their own charger line and have several different chargers for each type. I have collected some here:

Dual SWIT charger for LB-SU98. Will also charge the original batteries. Comes without batteries.

🛒  Adorama

Quad SWIT charger for LB-SU98 and others with proper plates (extra) incl. original Sony batteries.

🛒  Adorama

Dual SWIT charger for LB-SU98 via DTAP. This will also charge SWIT V-Locks with DTAP input.

🛒  Adorama Charger
🛒  Charger
🛒  charger/battery

Single Hawk-Woods charger for the VL-M series. This will also charge other V-Lock batteries.


Dual Hawk-Woods charger for the VL-M series. This will also charge other V-Lock batteries.


Other chargers for your batteries

If you want a cheaper alternative to the brand name chargers there are several out there. I have been running one of these. It comes with one set of plates but additional can be bought to suit your needs. These chargers come with a regular Mickey Mouse power input and a charger for charging in your car. They also have a single USB output, which is pretty nice.

Hedbox Dual BP-U charger: 🛒  amazon  🛒


Below you will find a selection of D-Tap power cables from various manufacturers starting at around 40£/55USD. They are all originally for the Sony FX9, but since the FX9 and FX6, both have a 19.5 volt DC input they should work perfectly.

SMALLRIG 19.5V Regulated D-Tap Power Cable

SmallRig Sony FX9 19.5V output D-Tap power cable 2932 is designed for the external V-mount battery for FX9. The FX6 uses the same The D-Tap interface of the cable can adapt to V-mount battery, and the DC interface at the other end can adapt to the body of Sony FX9. It allows to power SONY FX9 by using a V-mount battery. The maximum length of the cable is 400mm. When the D-Tap interface is inserted in a wrong way, the light turns red for warning to protect the camera from damage.

Smallrig 19.5 volt D-Tap cable: 🛒 amazon 🛒


SHAPE FX9PC (FX9-PC) 19.5V Output D-Tap Power Cable For Sony FX9. The SHAPE 19.5V output D-Tap power cable for Sony FX9 regulates the voltage from a D-Tap source to the proper 19.5V required to power an FX9 camera. This allows you to power your camera using any V-mount or Gold mount battery with a D-Tap plug. 

Shape 19.5 volt D-Tap cable: 🛒



Power-con (M) – 45cm – Sony Jack (19.5v Regulated). The PC-29 is a cable that is specifically for Sony cameras requiring 19.5v DC input. The cameras that this will power are as follows: Sony FX6 + FX9

Hawk-Woods PC-29 power cable: 🛒


This post is a Work in progress…

I will keep adding to this blogpost as I go along with the Sony FX6. So come back once in a while. If you have any tips you think I should include, please use the contact form below.  Thanks in advance.

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