Last week I discovered GimbalGun, a Run & Gun Gimbal Support Tool. I love it when people throw themselves into new projects with gadgets and gizmos which can support their work.

William Graham has done that with the GimbalGun, which he calls “The Ultimate Support Tool for Single Handle Gimbals”

The GimbalGun™ supports any single handle gimbal with a 1/4 inch screw insert on the bottom. For gimbals with a 3/8 insert, an adapter is needed. It is made form a lightweight yet strong aluminium 6061 alloy. By itself, it weighs 750 grams. The prototype you see in the photos is 70cm x 6cm x 6cm. The final production version will be smaller at 70cm x 5cm x4cm. It comes with a padded shoulder strap with gun metal swivel hooks, 2 removable handles, and a mini tripod that supports the GimbalGun™ on flat surfaces so you can put it down when you need to reload (batteries or memory cards).

I think the GimbalGun is an interesting thing. We all (or many) want to use single handle gimbals, but they quickly become heavy. The GimbalGun could solve that problem. Time will show. Looking forward to testing it if it goes into production.

Below you can see the official intro video and a couple of sample videos. At the buttom there is a link to the kickstarter campaign for the GimbalGun.

When writing this article GimbalGun had 10 backers – check them out here on Kickstarter