Free FS5 HFR upgrade for existing owners

Last week I went to a Sony Pro event in Copenhagen to hear Alister Chapman. It was a good event as always with Alister. I usually get a thing or two to think about afterwards.

I learned that the existing FS5 or the FS5 MKI will continue on and be stripped of the RAW upgrade, and become the new entry model. And the FS5 MKII will be the new top model. But what I also learned was this… I got to talk to some of the guys from Sony UK, and get this… We can get a free upgrade to HFR or High Frame Rate recording for our FS5’s! Yes it’s true!! But how??

How to get the Sony FS5 HFR upgrade for free (is’nt working anymore. Campaign is over!)

Here is how, and it’s free for you too, if you haven’t registered for the Sony PrimeSupport Pro yet. In addition to the HFR upgrade you’ll get instant access to extended cover and telephone helpdesk support, plus a host of valuable extra benefits – absolutely FREE. Cool ha?

So basicly you’ll need this:

  • Name, adress, phone number etc.
  • Product code: PXW-FS5
  • Your FS5 serial number
  • Date of purchase
  • Dealer name
  • FS5 firmware 4.0 or above to install the HFR upgrade.


  1. You can’t be registered for PrimeSupport already!
  2. Register PrimeSupport here.
    You will receive your purchase key via email within 14 days of PrimeSupport Registration
  3. Use purchase key to download CBKZ-FS5HFR license from eCsite – (View eCsite Step-by-Step Guide)

I’m still waiting for my code, which will hopefully come some time the coming week. I will let you know how it goes.


What is the FS5 HFR upgrade?

The Sony CBKZ-FS5HFR is an upgrade for support for continuous 120fps High Frame Rate (HFR) recording in 1080p.

HFR Formats available with CBKZ-FS5HFR upgrade:

  • XAVC HD 1080/60p 50Mbps / 120fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920×1080 59.94p
  • XAVC HD 1080/30p 25Mbps / 120fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920×1080 29.97p
  • XAVC HD 1080/24p 25Mbps / 120fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920×1080 23.98p
  • XAVC HD 1080/50p 50Mbps / 100fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920×1080 50p
  • XAVC HD 1080/25p 25Mbps / 100fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920×1080 25p

To record in continuous high frame rates you need to do the following

1. Select (CAMERA/PAINT) menu then [SLOW & QUICK] then [S&Q MOTION] then [HIGH FRAME RATE] then select [ON]
2. Select [REC FORMAT].
3. Select a recording format: Either 60i or 50i
1080/60p 50Mbps
1080/30p 25Mbps
1080/24p 25Mbps
1080/50p 50Mbps
1080/25p 25Mbps
The frame rate is fixed to the following values:
When [60i] is selected: 120
When [50i] is selected: 100

The following limitations also apply when recording at High Frame Rate:
• There are limitations on the shutter speed. Minimum value of 1/125 (when [60i] is selected), 1/100 (when [50i] is selected).
• The HDMI output is fixed to 60p or 60i (when [60i] is selected), or 50p or 50i (when [50i] is selected).