The best memory cards for Sony FX6 – SDXC and CFexpress Type A

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Best SD cards for Sony FX6

Post in progress – I will add to this post as I go along and test more cards!

Which cards work with Sony FX6?

Memory cards are important. Good memory cards are crucial. It can be very critical if your memory cards let you down and you loose footage, not to mention expensive. New shoot, hiring actors again, having to tell the client you did’nt get the shot. Uh, that gives me a stomache ache.

Being in several Sony FX6 groups gives people access to a lot of knowledge. When reading the groups it’s clear to me that there are a few cards being mentioned over and over again. One of these is the ProGrade V90 card. I have purchased one for testing to see what the fuss is all about. Never used a ProGrade card before. I have also ordered the Delkin Devices V90 and a Transcend V90.

What I have used with the FX6 is the Lexar 128GB 2000x V90 and the Kingston 256GB V90. I have spent several hours doing all sorts of different codecs and framerates with those cards and have found no limitations, except 4k 120fps.

The above tested cards from Lexar and Kingston will only do 4K 3840×2160 in 120fps. Not DCI 4096×2160. Am waiting for the ProGrade, Delkin and Transcend to see if they will do 4K/120 in DCI. The same goes for the Zitay CFexpress Type A to SSD adapter I have tested mentioned in this blog post

Stay tuned for more on the incoming cards… 

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